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Mohammed is part of the 4 families that still live in the village of Ait M'hanned next to the oasis of Tighmert. Previously, the village was home to a hundred families. He explains that because of global warming, lack of work, lack of hospitals and schooling for children, most families have moved to cities like Guelmim and Agadir.

News Spotlight
M'hammed Kilito is among the VII Mentor Program 2021-23 Cohort
m'hammed kilito
Nov 13, 2021

VII Photo Agency is thrilled to welcome into their new Mentor Program ten gifted young photographers with diverse experiences chosen from nearly 300 applicants from 65 countries.

The VII Mentor Program is an important commitment from our member photographers to transfer knowledge and experience to a younger generation of photographers. The first program of its kind, it has developed some of the brightest new talents in photojournalism since its 2008 launch.
Newly redesigned for 2021 in partnership with VII Academy, the Mentor Program will provide a structured professional environment, including Hostile Environment Awareness Training, for these emerging new talents in the industry.

The duration of the program is two years. During this time, mentees will have biweekly scheduled contact with program leader and VII photographer Ziyah Gafic. Mentees will be assigned to a practicing member of VII who will provide professional guidance and mentoring and work with editors, curators, and other established media professionals. VII Photo Agency will distribute and represent the photographers’ work for the duration of the program. 

M’hammed Kilito - VII Agency
Moroccan photographer M'hammed Kilito focuses on capturing narratives that help understand the relationship between groups or individuals and their environments by covering issues related to cultural identity, the sociology of work, and climate...

M'hammed Kilito

M'hammed Kilito is a Moroccan documentary photographer based in Casablanca, Morocco.
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