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Saraab exhibition - Misk art institute
m'hammed kilito
Jan 23, 2023
Location: Array
The Promise of Life, 2022
Cyanotype print on linen
Collection of 4
290 × 135 cm
Collection of Misk Art Institute, Riyadh 

“The Promise of Life" is a fabric installation that explores the paradoxes between the optical phenomenon of the mirage and the preservation of our natural environment.
Using photograms on cyanotype, the artist displays vegetation gestures of the desert oasis of Saudi Arabia to recreate the illusion of the desert and a reproduction of the oasis. Each fabric piece represents a vegetation stratum existing in the oasis that allows the creation of an environment conducive to the development of crops: the tree layer, the shrub layer, and the herbaceous layer. Like a mirage, the viewer is confronted with reality and illusion through the visions of palm trees, vines, plants, and herbs collected from the traditional oasis reflected on linen. The Prussian blue hues symbolically capture the color of water, the vital element in the genesis of oases and their biodiversity. Its role is decisive in the structure, functioning, and sustainability of these ecosystems. This work insinuates that our natural environment can become a mirage if we do not preserve it.

M'hammed Kilito

M'hammed Kilito is a Moroccan documentary photographer based in Casablanca, Morocco.
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