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DBPH 2 # Terrain de Jeu – Collective exhibition
m'hammed kilito
Jul 22, 2021
Happy to announce my participation in the exhibition Terrain de jeu (lit. “The Playground”) addresses the street as a space of experimentation. It stands as a selection of photographic approaches to the Moroccan street. By displaying a visual journal of urban movements, constant research of the embedded (in)stabilities of spatial structures or street portraits, Terrain de jeu serves a broader contextualizing project of street photography in Morocco. It is a pretext to elaborate a discourse propitious to trace genealogy, to formulate and identify references, typologies, pedagogies, tracks of the becoming. Hence, the exhibition can only
be understood within the larger context of DABAPHOTO: STREET

M'hammed Kilito Photography

M'hammed Kilito is a Moroccan documentary photographer based in Rabat, Morocco.
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